About Us

In 1984, the butcher shop SHANTIRI, for the first time in Prizren began its activity on selling meat in a space of 30m2, later on they manage to move to another much bigger location around 130m2, where they are still working till now, reaching the high level of quality and performances.

The only selling point of SHANTIRI butcher shop in Prizren, with the huge mass of customers need to be thankful to its founder Haxhi Abidin Shantiri and now the torch had been passed to his sons and grandsons who fanatically reaching successes in this profession.

From the point of view of tasteful and quality, day after day we are tend to develop our products such as dry meat as well as sausages (SUXHUK) and other new products. The aim of SHANTIRI butcher reached its top level, in 2013 for the first time not only in Prizren but beyond, at transit route which links the motorway the north side in area of 50 acres of purchased it is built the Factory the slaughterhouse according to the European standards.

The Factory has a capacity of slaughtering livestock of 100 big heads and 200 small heads, all procedures are based on islam principles of HALLALL and other relevant standards of ISO, HASAP, AET and AUV.

Mission & Vision

Every of our customers has the fundamental right to taste our product which are fresh healthy and quality guarantee.

We posses very professional team which follows the last technology of slaughtering with HALLALL standards.

Our quality services to the customers consist of quality, healthy, hygienic meat and always kind towards customers.